Thursday, April 30, 2009

art in the park, richmond, virginia

you can find more posts at! you can find me this weekend at Art in The Park, Richmond Virginia, booth #172. say you read my blog and get 50% off! I know, I know, crazy but true. I will have some new work and great custom work that can and will ship for mother's day gifts. see you in richmond. if you can't make it to richmond, check out my etsy shops at
discount applies, so hurry on over. offer ends Monday, May 4.
Take care,

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

adding a spring show, Crow's Nest Trading Company

spring has begun to arrive here in cambridge and i am looking forward to my spring shows! i will be adding a show the first saturday in june in westminster, maryland. more details on that show to come.

my work will also be appearing in the Crow's Nest Trading Company Catalog, spring issue. they will be featuring 2 of my locket designs. if they do well in the spring, they will feature them in their summer catalog as well. keep your fingers crossed!

i am really having fun creating these funky bracelets out of recycled guitar string and knitted balls of colored wire. they look amazing stacked on your wrist...perfect for spring fashions.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

custom work coming to etsy!

due to popular demand, i will be creating an etsy shop of my custom stamped bracelets and necklaces. to order you can either call me (the old school way) at my studio, email me or convo me thru etsy. check back often to be notified of it's debut.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

spring show schedule

as i sit here in snow laden cambridge what comes to mind is my spring show schedule! what else, right? so far i am doing the following shows:

Art in the Park, Richmond, VA; this is the first weekend in May (saturday and sunday)at the Carillon Park in Richmond. this is a huge show so check back for my space assignment

St. Peter's Art Show in Lewes, Delaware; this show has undergone a sort of renaissance. it's much bigger than in year's past and the new organizers have done a wonderful job of re-organizing the artists and promoting the show to a broader audience. this year the show falls on the 4th of july! lewes is a quaint town so spend the weekend if you can.

Lewes Historical Society Craft Fair, Lewes Delaware; this show is the following saturday (the 11th) and it is on the grounds of the historical society off of shipcarpenter st. in downtown Lewes. always a good show, though it costs $3 to get in, it's worth it.

i am thinking of doing a show in chicago at the beginning of june, hmmmmmmm i will let you know as soon as i decide.

Monday, March 2, 2009

my new line debuting on earrings, cocktail rings, pendants and bracelets all individually handmade in my studio. the bracelets are made with recycled guitar string! check it out.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The New Year

The New Year brings many challenges to the handmade life, I think we all know why. In my own case, I have had to cut back personally and professionally. I now have to think very carefully where my dollar goes. I no longer drop hundreds of dollars on tools to try, classes or advertising. I have to find inspiration within myself, not from the latest exciting new technique or fun tool. I have also taken up teaching, though finding an audience may be challenging. My biggest challenge, though, is not only understanding this new technology (twitter, facebook, even etsy) but using it to further my business. I am not that old, really! I have just had my thoughts in silver rather than in a computer for the last 10 years.

I hope, with the launch of this blog, my journey and my understanding begins.... stay tuned