Tuesday, March 3, 2009

spring show schedule

as i sit here in snow laden cambridge what comes to mind is my spring show schedule! what else, right? so far i am doing the following shows:

Art in the Park, Richmond, VA; this is the first weekend in May (saturday and sunday)at the Carillon Park in Richmond. this is a huge show so check back for my space assignment

St. Peter's Art Show in Lewes, Delaware; this show has undergone a sort of renaissance. it's much bigger than in year's past and the new organizers have done a wonderful job of re-organizing the artists and promoting the show to a broader audience. this year the show falls on the 4th of july! lewes is a quaint town so spend the weekend if you can.

Lewes Historical Society Craft Fair, Lewes Delaware; this show is the following saturday (the 11th) and it is on the grounds of the historical society off of shipcarpenter st. in downtown Lewes. always a good show, though it costs $3 to get in, it's worth it.

i am thinking of doing a show in chicago at the beginning of june, hmmmmmmm i will let you know as soon as i decide.

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